Oracle Database生命周期

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从Oracle官方MOS上的图中,可以到Oracle Database的扩展支持(Extended)已经在2020年底结束。

从2021年开始,则是Market Driven Support (MDS),个人理解为“因为市场上11.2.0.4版本的占有率很高,所以继续支持该版本”。

Market Driven Support (MDS)周期为2021年开始,2022年底结束,为期两年。后续是否继续支持,不得而知。


Market Driven Support (MDS)提供的服务。

This offering includes the following service components:
• Severity 1 Fixes: Oracle will provide code fixes or workarounds to correct newly discovered issues that result in Severity 1 production incidents for Oracle Database 11gR2 instances.
• Security Updates: Oracle will continue to evaluate security-related risks and other newly discovered vulnerabilities that could potentially impact the terminal release of 11gR2 and provide critical security patches or updates that Oracle deems appropriate.
• Upgrade Planning Workshop: Oracle Advanced Customer Services will provide the customer with one Upgrade Planning Workshop designed to assist with developing an upgrade plan during the contract period. The goal is to help Oracle Database 11gR2 customers upgrade to a fullysupported release and reduce the risk associated with operating business-critical applications on a Sustaining Support release of the Oracle Database.
• Technical Account Manager: A Technical Account Manager (TAM) will serve as a single point of contact for service-related questions.